Tienda Verde Store
centro verde garten spezialist

Since 1995 Centro Verde Lanzarote S.L. have run the
Organic grocery store Tienda Verde

In our 120m2 shop we offer you organic foods, wine and juice, tea and coffee, natural remedies, personal hygiene products and cosmetics. We take special care of our selection of fresh produce. You can buy bread, eggs, cheese and sausages, fruits and vegetables, milk products, tofu and other fresh soya products, and everything with certified organic quality. We also offer macrobiotics and gluten-free foods for allergy sufferers.
In the natural remedies section you will find Spanish products, as well as the German trademarks Salus, Schöneberger, Swiss trademarks like Dr. Dünner und Vogel; and Solgar and Solaray ranges. We also supply a wide variety of personal hygiene products and cosmetics from Weleda, Urtekram, Biover, Ecover, among other brands.The shop manager, María Pilar Peláez Arasa, who speaks several languages, is pleased to help you and give you professional advice.

Our shop is registered as an organic grocery store in the Ministry of Fishing, Agriculture and Food under the code CRAE 1520/IV, and is regularly controlled under the laws of organic agriculture.

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